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Date post: 21.10.21


Silicone Cup Lid are made from food grade silicone material in a various colors for your coffee or drink time, healthy and eco-friendly .This lid size ideal for normal coffee mug and fits perfectly is therefore totally airtight. Heat protection and spill-proof lid. Our Silicone Cup Lid are a rugged yet lightweight way to keep your kids cups, coffee cups,or travel cups covered.The Silicone Cup Lid Cover are perfect for coffee mugs, travel mugs, they are also good for other ceramic mugs, glass tumblers, plastic tumblers, and even paper cups.Silicone Cup Cover keep from dust, pet hair and dander out of drinks. The hole in the top allows the user to drink comfortably when traveling. Our Custom made Silicone Cup Lid will definitely create a more convenient life for you. Text, design, and any logo printing can be done for these silicone cup lid cover. It can be used as great merchandise for your company promotional activities. All of our silicone cup cover can be customized in different colors and sizes .Call us to get yours Custom made Silicone Cup Lid now ! Material : 100% food-grade silicone material non-toxic, odorless, hot/cold resistant Various size and colors available Contact us at 018 254 1977 / 018 288 1977 / 03 6263 7977 Email Address:




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