Posting Guide

Ads Post Guideline

Product Visible – tick to visible in search, untick to unvisible but visible in your profile
Title – required, maximum 100 characters,
Price – optional.
Remark – optional, maximum 15 characters, example: promotion, 010-0000000
Category – optional.
State – optional.
Type – optional.
Description – optional.
Special Feature – optional.
Keyword – optional.

Youtube Video – optional.
Youtube video only, example link format,

Pictures can be uploaded to 50 pictures.
Maximum size each picture is 100kb.
Picture format in jpg and png.
Click save to create thumbnail.
First picture will be used as thumbnail.


Product expiry is 90 days from edit date. 
The product will be hidden from public.
The product will be marked as EXPIRE in your account.
Click edit and click save.
The product will be visible to public again.


Do not multi posting same product.